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What is the food intake mode?

The food intake mode allows you to track your calorie intake in kilocalories, directly on your watch. Select the food intake mode in the main menu. You have two options:

  • The first screen shows Food. Enter the Food intake menu by tapping the '>' icon. Tap the arrows at the
    bottom of the screen to select breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or snacks, to enter your food intake. Indicate
    the amount of food by selecting small, normal or large (an average number of calories is assigned).
  • Swipe to kcal and select + or - to enter the desired amount of calories. Then select the check icon to confirm the amount of calories.

1 kcal (kilocalorie) = 4.18 kJ (kilojoules).
1 kcal (kilocalorie) = 1 Calorie

The information on this page applies to the following models: DL8790/10 .

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