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    Airfryer Muffin cups accessory


    Airfryer Muffin cups accessory


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    Airfryer Muffin cups accessory

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    Airfryer Muffin cups

    For tasty and colourful muffins and cupcakes

    • Joyful coloured cups
    • Versatile cooking
    Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

    Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

    You can safely put these airfryer muffin cups in your dishwasher, making them even easier to re-use!

    Get perfect baking results!

    Get perfect baking results!

    Removing your muffins or cupcakes from these airfryer muffin cups is easy due to the flexible material. The crinkled edges make your muffin cups look even better! You can re-use these airfryer muffin cups, made from odourless silicone, over and over again!

    Surprise friends and family with homemade treats at any time!

    There's always an excuse to have muffins, whether there's a birthday coming up or you just want to surprise friends or family with a tasty and joyful little treat. But don't forget, having a muffin cup or cupcake for dessert is allowed!

    From muffin cups to cupcakes

    Are you in the mood for muffin cups or cupcakes? It doesn't matter! You could bake both at the same time. Want to try out other recipes with different ingredients? Try out any of your favourite ingredients and discover the joy of these five perfectly sized little treats!

    Technical Specifications

    • General specifications

      Suitable for
      • HD922x
      • HD923x*
      Dishwasher safe

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