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    What to do with leftover vegetables: Leftover vegetable recipes


    If you’re looking for ways to lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly life, it’s important to understand how to reduce waste, including food waste. Discover our simple guide to leftover veg ideas, which will provide you with easy recipes & tricks to prevent waste.

    What parts of leftover vegetables can you actually use?

    You may be surprised to discover that there’s actually very little that cannot be used when it comes to vegetable scraps. Here are a few examples of parts of vegetables that can still be used, to reduce food waste in your home:


    • Vegetable leaves – this includes the leaves of carrots, vines, sweet potato, corn and more
    • Broccoli and cauliflower stems – don’t just use the florets
    • Squash seeds and flowers
    • Pea pods
    • Cucumber peelings

    What parts of leftover vegetables can you actually use?

    What to do with leftover vegetables: an easy guide to utilising vegetable scraps

    You now know that you can use them, but do you know what to do with broccoli stems, pea pods and other vegetable scraps? Don’t worry – that’s where we come in! Here are our top 4 leftover veg ideas for your vegetable scraps:


    1. Create a homemade stock or broth. Use potato skins, carrot peel, celery tops and more.
    2. Grow your own veg seedlings. Keep the seeds, pits and cuttings of your vegetables.
    3. Create natural fabric-dye. Use beetroot ends for red, red cabbage for blue and more.
    4. Keep ants at bay. Cucumber peelings are a natural ant repellent.

    What you need

    How to use leftover cooked vegetables: simple leftover cooked veg recipes

    It’s not just the scraps from prepping your veg that can be reused. With our top 4 leftover cooked veg recipes we’ll cover what do to with leftover vegetables that have already been cooked:


    1. Soups. The most obvious choice is to stick all your vegetables into a good quality blender, like the kind you’ll find in our range of blenders, and whip up a delicious, wholesome vegetable soup.
    2. Pies. Pop them into some pastry with some chicken (or on their own!) with some béchamel sauce, herbs and seasoning to give leftover vegetables a second life as a pie.
    3. Bubble and squeak. When wondering what to do with leftover potatoes, you can whip up that British classic. Simply pop your cooled potatoes and cabbage in the fridge and fry them up the following day for a delicious, crispy dish.
    4. Pasta dishes. Pop your vegetables into a warming pasta bake, or layer them into a tasty vegetable lasagne. You could even have a go at making your own lasagne sheets.

    We’ve now provided you with some simple ideas for what to do with leftover potatoes and other cooked veg with a few easy leftover vegetable recipes – plus how to use up those vegetable scraps – so you can start reducing your food waste today.

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