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    Docking monitors

    The ideal solution for modern workspaces

    Discover how USB-C powers your work-life

    A perfect image quality is just part of the whole picture. Professional users look for displays that easy and fast to setup and configure, and which also provide for a tidy workspace. This is why MMD provides monitors engineered with an integrated docking solution based on the new USB 3.1 Type-C standard, delivering a simple, practical way to carry different signals on the same cable. Now you can rely on a single solution for transferring data, connecting video and powering devices in a fast, straightforward way.
    USB-C Docking



    Say goodbye to chargers and power cables! One USB-C port delivers up to 65W to your laptop or smart devices. Philips monitors are tested to ensure compatibility with a wide range of laptop and phone brands and models.



    The latest USB 3.1 standard provides 20 times the speed of USB 2.0, transfers are now completed in a fraction of the time you were used to. A full 4K movie, for instance, can be transferred in less than 60 seconds.



    On top of the multiport USB hub, we uniquely provide also an Ethernet (RJ45) port for added convenience.
    Docking Monitors
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    Docking technology USB-C

    Philips 329P9H

    Docking technology USB-C
    › Diagonal 31.5 inch
    › Panel IPS
    › Resolution 4K

    Thanks to Philips USB-C docking displays you will be able to:

    + Extend your laptop autonomy without additional external power supply
    + Plug all devices you need directly to the monitor thanks to docking
    + Drive easily a DP daisy chaining to your laptop
    + Charge your phone and transfer your data at a glance
    + Save space and money with a feature-rich one solution at an attractive price

    USB-C Docking Full Range