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    Face Shavers

    The world's number 1 brand in electric shaving¹

    Shaver innovation

    The ultimate solution for a close and comfortable shave 

    Philips rotary shavers are designed to match the natural hair growth, capturing hair in any direction and cutting every hair at skin level. Our SkinIQ technology senses, guides and adapts to your individual needs, giving you the ultimate skin comfort.

    Skin-level closeness

    Skin-level closeness

    Experience up to 0.00 mm closeness with the Lift and Cut shaving system. Our patented technology lifts the hair gently before cutting it precisely, for a long lasting closeness.

    Senses, adapts and guides 

    Senses, adapts and guides 

    SkinIQ Technology is powered by advanced AI sensors for a gentle, personalised shaving experience — automatically adjusting and guiding you to deliver the most comfortable shave for your skin. 

    Follows every contour of your face 

    Follows every contour of your face 

    Innovative 360° heads flex in every direction for a clean, close shave everywhere — even hard-to-reach areas, like your neck and chin.



    Designed for life, built to last

    At Philips, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, delivering you more sustainable products that last longer.


    Customer support

    We're here to find the solution


    ¹ Source: Euromonitor International Limited, retail value RSP, per body groomers category definition, 2022 data, research conducted in November 2022

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