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    Performance Series

    The one  that has it all

    The one 
    that has it all

    Philips Performance Series

    Our Performance Series smart TV has landed, and it packs a swag of great tech. 4K UHD. Room-filling Ambilight. Android TV. Google Assistant. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Sometimes, choice is easy.

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    from compact to epic. 

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    The one that's perfect to the last pixel

    Get ready for the latest in pin-sharp, judder-free brilliance, even on streaming video. Courtesy of the world’s best image processor—the P5.

    The one with all the smarts

    With Android TV, you’ll enjoy ultra-slick navigation, content and games on demand, and voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

    The one with cinema-style

    Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Used by moviemakers for pixel-by-pixel brilliance and immersive 3D sound. How could we leave them out?

    The one that is beautiful on or off

    Elegant, European design. A slim metallic frame, mounted on a sleek swivel stand for any-angle viewing. This is half TV, half art piece.*

    The one that goes beyond the screen

    Ambilight fills your room with an immersive glow that responds to the on-screen action. Experience it once and wonder how you enjoyed TV without it.

    Performance Series

    The one to take home.


    · 4K UHD

    · P5 Image Processor

    · Android TV with Google Assistant

    · Works with Amazon Alexa   

    · Dolby Vision & Atmos

    · 3-Sided Ambilight

    · Swivel stand

    Performance Series range:

    *Swivel stand is only available in sizes below 60 inch.