Sleep therapy — masks


    Sleep therapy — masks

    Like wearing nothing at all.

    With the freedom and comfort of DreamWear, you can sleep how you want. See all benefits


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DreamWear Sleep therapy — masks

No red marks on the bridge of the nose, Freedom of movement, Includes cushions/fabric wraps, Therapy device sold separately HH1111/01 Find similar products

Like wearing nothing at all.

A comfortable wearing experience.

  • No red marks on the bridge of the nose

    No red marks on the bridge of the nose

    DreamWear's innovative design* prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation in the nostrils or on the bridge of the nose. Users rated DreamWear more comfortable than their prescribed mask

  • Freedom of movement

    Freedom of movement

    DreamWear users stated that they didn't need to choose a sleep position when wearing DreamWear

  • Unobstructed view

    Unobstructed view

    DreamWear's open design offers an extremely wide field of vision, so you can easily wear your glasses and read, watch TV or use your tablet in bed before going to sleep.

  • Tube connection on top of head

    Tube connection on top of head

    The exhalation air is released on the top of the head, not directly from the nose area

  • Soft, flexible frame

    Soft, flexible frame

    The flexible material through which the air flows is applied gently to the skin and is pleasant to wear.

  • Mask cushion underneath the nose

    Mask cushion underneath the nose

    The mask cushion forms a seal underneath your nose, so imprints will not form on the bridge of your nose at all. The mask cushion is applied gently to avoid unpleasant irritation to the nostrils.

  • Slim headgear design

    Slim headgear design

    DreamWear combines comfort with aesthetics: Not only will you barely feel the mask, it is also subtle and unobtrusive.

  • Supports your sleep therapy

    Supports your sleep therapy

    DreamWear combines the advantages of minimal-contact masks and nasal masks. It is comfortable and can help a successful start to sleep therapy.

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  • Source: Philips User Survey 2015
  • DreamWear is a private pay product and is not usually reimbursed by public health insurances.
  • The sleep apnoea mask is sold separately. The sleep therapy device is not included.

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