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    How to get  glowing skin


    For many of us, glowing skin is the holy grail of the beauty routine … and it can seem just as impossible to obtain. But, believe it or not, getting real radiance can actually be (now, come a little closer – we’ll whisper) simple.

    Ready to start your quest? We have all the answers you need: here’s how to make skin glow. 

    How to make your skin glow

    Eat well and drink plenty of water for glowing skin

    You are what you eat, they say, and a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and water is important for anyone seeking to turn up their inner glow.


    As well as a good balance of food groups, it may help to up the Vitamin C in your diet too: this handy vitamin helps the body form collagen*, a protein that contributes to skin’s normal elasticity and strength. Blackcurrants, oranges and blueberries are all good sources, and – strangely enough – make for a really delicious smoothie, too.


    Wash your face twice a day, and consider using a facial cleansing brush

    We know: sometimes, it’s difficult to summon up the energy to remove your make-up and go through the full facial cleansing routine every night. Luckily, skin care technology has come a long way since your mum first handed you a flannel.


    If you’re wondering how to get glowing skin naturally (no make-up required), our VisaPure Advanced home facial device might be the answer. The soft rotating brushes help improve microcirculation while quickly, but gently, buffing away excess oils, dirt and dead skin cells for a deeper clean – 10 times deeper than using hands alone**. And the result? Fresh, revitalized, radiant skin, and better absorption of glow-boosting serums and creams.

    How to make your skin glow

    Moisturise regularly

    Speaking of glow-boosting creams: moisturise! Choose your moment wisely, too. Every time you wash your skin, top up any lost moisture with a serum, cream or lotion. Use a light SPF moisturizer during the day, and a richer night cream while you sleep – that’s when skin is best at absorbing all the benefits.

    Moisturing regularly

    Exfoliate once a week

    If clogged pores are standing between you and glowing skin, exfoliation is key. If you have the VisaPure Advanced home facial device, the special exfoliation brush is perfect for this, helping to help remove the dirt and oils that lead to blackheads. The deeper clean gently buffs away dead skin, revealing the brighter, more radiant skin beneath. If not, use a mild facial scrub, lightly massaging it in using a circular motion. Remember: it is possible to have too much of a good thing, so don’t exfoliate more than once or twice a week.

    Exfoliate once a week

    Keep pillowcases, make-up brushes and phone screens clean

    Anything that touches your face on a daily basis is going to pick up oils, dirt, dead skin cells, old make-up and much more. Keep pillowcases, make-up brushes and your mobile phone from transferring all that stuff back on your face by cleaning them regularly (following the manufacturers’ instructions, of course).


    Exercise regularly

    Exercising boosts your circulation and your mood, both of which are necessary for a healthy glow. Regular workouts can also help you sleep better, which brings us to our next point …

    Get a good night’s sleep

    No negotiating: a good eight hours a night will make all the difference, keeping dark shadows and extra-baggy eye bags at bay. Set a sleep-now alarm in addition to a get-up alarm so you don’t forget when to hit the hay.


    Protect your skin from the sun

    Too much sun can lead to the wrong kind of glowing face – it doesn’t take much for a tan to become a burn. Over time, regular sun damage can prematurely age skin, leading to early loss of that much-envied youthful radiance.


    That’s why one of our top tips for glowing skin is to frequently apply sun cream on sunny days. The NHS recommends at least SPF 15, more if you’re fair and freckle-prone. The rest of the time, use an SPF moisturizer, BB cream or even foundation.


    So, that’s the secret to glowing skin – just give these tips a try! With a little luck and perseverance, radiance is just a few days away.

    *Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.
    **10 x more effective than cleansing by hand but just as gentle. Compared with manual make-up removal.

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