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Endless entertainment made easy


More movies. More shows. More games. And an ever-expanding list of apps. Philips Android TV brings you all this and so much more.

Your taste

Philips Android TV is smart enough to know what you like and what you don’t. So every recommendation it makes will be just what you were hoping for.

Your rhythm

Do entertainment your way. With smarter ways to search, better ways to play, and faster performance, your Philips Smart TV is ready when you are.

Your apps

Powered by Google Play, get ready for an ever-expanding collection of apps, games, streaming services and more.

Your way

With Philips Android TV, sharing content and controlling the action couldn’t be easier. Use the remote or sync your phone for the ultimate flexibility.
Philips Android TV your taste

Your taste 

Android makes Smart TV easy


Getting to what you want is so quick and easy. Simple menus show insightful recommendations, your favorite hit shows, top tunes and leading games. With so much content at your fingertips, each menu has been cleverly designed to ensure you spend less time browsing and more time watching.

So many people, so many interests.

More movies, more news, more games: all available to you from the comfort of your couch. Philips Android TV gives you access to an ever-growing, wide variety of apps to suit your needs and moods. In addition to the Google Play Store on Android TV, we've also created some great apps to make life more enjoyable. Watch the news, stream the latest hit series, catch up on missed TV-programs,  check the weather forecast or browse to find the music you like. And if you feel a little overwelmed: Philips Android TV comes to the rescue with suggestions, based on what you like.

Check out these popular apps on your TV… and all the others too!





Google Play

Google Play Movies & TV



BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

Wuaki TV


Flix Premiere

Flix Premiere

* Third party applications are subject to availability per country, per model. We are not responsible for content, availability of applications and these are offered by us ‘as is’ and without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Paid subscriptions may be required. For the latest information, please contact the Philips TV support center. All product and company names are (registered) trademarks of their respective holders. Philips is a registered trademark of Royal Philips N.V.

Don’t miss it on Netflix!

The Netflix app on your Philips TV enables you to choose from thousands of TV shows, movies and series. And don’t miss their Netflix original hit series such as House of Cards, Stranger Things, Anne with an E and Orange is the New Black!

For a complete overview check the Netflix site.

Philips Android TV your rhythm

Your rhythm

Philips Android TV powerful performance

Powerful performance


Our latest processors make your TV and your experience come alive. We have increased the power across the full range, with superfast Quad Core and Hex Core processing on the Smart TV range.

Philips Android TV remote with keyboard

Android gaming with Ambilight


Google Play lets you enjoy hundreds of games on your TV. Download them or stream them instantly for hours of fun on demand. And with Ambilight Gaming mode, your room will turn into a gamer’s fantasy.

Philips Android TV voice control remote

Search by voice


Don’t feel like typing? Simply speak into your Smart Remote and the results will appear on your TV screen. This way, you can control your TV with your voice to open apps and do so much more. You can even use Voice Search* from your phone or tablet with the Philips TV Remote App**.


*Language availability is subject to Google Voice Search support.
**Philips TV Remote app and related functionalities vary per TV model, operator, and country, as well as smart device model and OS. For more details please visit: www.philips.com/TVRemoteapp.


Philips Android TV remote with keyboard

Search by text


Experience the new design of the Philips remote control with keyboard. With a smooth ergonomic body and large soft-touch keys, it’s comfortable to hold and incredibly easy to use. And with a full size keyboard on the back, you can type anything into your Smart TV quicker than ever.

Philips Android TV your apps

Your apps

A whole world of content

Google Play Store

At the touch of a button you’ll be streaming the latest films or series from Netflix, swiping quickly through movies on demand or conquering worlds in games. All the content you want, when you want it. And with Ambilight, the whole experience is made all the more vivid and immersive. Android TV is available on 2016 TV ranges 6401 series and up. Available on 2017 ranges 6412 series and up. Please note ITV, All 4 and 50D catch-up apps are not available.

The Philips app gallery

In addition to the Google Play Store on Android TV, and our 6162 and 6262 series that are not Android, we've also created some great apps to make life more enjoyable. There are a variety of news, education, streaming and weather apps, including BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport and BBC News. 
* Philips are not responsible for functionality of third party Apps. The availability of Apps can change
Philips Android TV content sharing

Your way

It’s one big connected family


It's really easy to share content between devices thanks to Google Cast. Everything’s seamlessly connected so if you want to share the content on your phone with the TV. It’s there. Start a film on your tablet and finish it on your TV? Done. Every device gets along perfectly with each other.

Philips TV remote app

Philips TV Remote App


Turn your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet into a Philips TV remote control. With the Philips TV Remote App and you can control your TV. You’ll even enjoy extra options to control your Ambilight.  

Philips Android TV Google cast

Google Cast


With Google Cast, you can wirelessly cast movies, shows, and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop to your Philips TV – without any extra devices. Discover the growing number of Google Cast apps now including Netflix, YouTube and more.