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You are only a few weeks away from silky-smooth skin. Unwanted hairs are finally a thing of the past and we will show you how to get the best out of your Lumea! Enjoy the feeling of being hair-free and look and feel amazing every day!
No1. Philips number one brand in electric hair removal
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The Lumea is easy to use. Set the light intensity, evenly glide the Lumea over your skin, and see results. See the steps below or click the video to watch the Lumea in action.
How to use Lumea
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Does it hurt?

In clinical trials, no women rated the experience as painful, providing that the correct settings according to skin tone and hair color were used and the instructions were followed. Some women did describe sensations such as ‘a warm sensation’; ‘prickling’ or ‘itching’ which in most cases disappeared within a few minutes up to one hour.


To get accustomed to Philips Lumea, it is recommended that you make test flashes near the area you are intend to treat, using the lowest recommended light setting. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the light setting, step-by-step if necessary, but it should never become painful.

Will the flashes hurt my eyes?

Philips Lumea does not hurt your eyes. The scattered light produced by the device is harmless to your eyes. Do not look at the flash while using the device. It is not necessary to wear goggles during use. Use the device in a well-lit room so that the light is less glaring to your eyes. A well lit room reduces the perceived brightness of the flash.

The safety system prevents flashing when not fully in contact with the skin. Be sure to make good skin contact to avoid unnecessary scattered light. Never use the device in the area around your eyes or for treating your eyebrows.

How do I get the best results?
Pre-treating your skin by removing hair on the area you want to treat is required to achieve best hair-free results. This is necessary to ensure the light energy is channeled to the hair follicle in the most efficient way and not lost in hairs above the skin surface. Pre-treatment is only necessary while hair is still growing back. In most cases, after approximately five treatments, this should no longer be necessary before the treatment.We recommend shaving, short-trimming, waxing or mechanically epilating as pre-treatment methods. If you choose waxing as a pre-treatment, we recommend to ensure that all possible residue of wax has been removed prior to treatment. Depilatory creams must never be used as a pre-treatment method.
How often do I have to repeat the treatments? Do I need to keep using Philips Lumea, once I am smooth?
To remove all hairs successfully and prevent the hair follicle from becoming active again, the treatments have to be repeated once every two weeks for the first two months. Your skin should be smooth and hair-free by then.Our studies have shown a significant hair reduction already after two treatments. Optimal results were generally achieved after four to five treatments.

To maintain results and prevent the hair root from becoming active again, it is necessary to repeat treatments regularly to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.

If the treatment is interrupted, the hair follicle will re-activate and hair will start to grow back.  To maintain results, repeat treatments every four to eight weeks, this will ensure that the hair root stays inactive and hair regrowth is inhibited. The time between treatments may vary based on your individual hair growth.

If too many hairs grow back between treatments, simply shorten the treatment interval again, but do not treat more often than once every two weeks.

When you use the appliance more frequently than recommended, you do not increase the effectiveness but you do increase the risk of skin reactions.
If I use it more often will I reach better efficacy?

Using your Philips Lumea more often than recommended will not speed up the hair removal process due to the speed of the hair growth cycle.

You should avoid treating the same area multiple times in one session since this will not improve the efficacy. It only increases the risk of skin irritations.

Why do hairs start to grow back on some spots of the treatment area?
During the first few treatments, some hairs may grow back even though you have used the appliance frequently. This happens because the hairs are at different stages of the hair growth cycle during treatment. Also, always make sure to produce flashes with a slight overlap to ensure no areas are missed.
Is it normal that the appliance becomes warm during use?

The device and its attachment can get warm over time during use, which is normal.

We recommend you to start the treatment in more heat-sensitive areas like bikini area, underarms or the face while the device and attachment is still cool. Treat your legs afterwards, since they are less sensitive to heat.

How do I clean my Philips Lumea?
It’s crucial to clean the light exit filter and the attachments (if present) of the appliance after every treatment; Clean the surface of the filter glass, the outside surface of the attachment (if present) and the metallic frame inside the attachment with the cloth supplied or use a cotton tip instead; If water does not clean effectively, use a few drops of high percentage alcohol to clean the parts mentioned above.

This is to remove residue like hair or dirt, which can build up from the flashing process and may cause an increased heat sensation or skin reactions if left uncleaned; Regular cleaning helps to ensure optimal results and a long life for the appliance; Use the soft cloth provided and be sure to follow the full cleaning instructions in the user manual. 
When shouldn’t I use my Lumea?
Never use the appliance if you suffer from any of the diseases listed below, i.e.: If you have a skin disease such as active skin cancer, you have a history of skin cancer or any other localised cancer in the areas to be treated; If you have pre-cancerous lesions or multiple atypical moles in the areas to be treated; If you have a history of collagen disorder, including a history of keloid scar formation or a history of poor wound healing.; If you have a history of vascular disorder, such as the presence of varicose veins or vascular ectasia in the areas to be treated; If your skin is sensitive to light and easily develops a rash or an allergic reaction; If you have infections, eczema, burns, inflammation of hair follicles, open lacerations, abrasions, herpes simplex, wounds or lesions and haematomas in the areas to be treated.; If you have had surgery in the areas to be treated.; If you have epilepsy with flashlight sensitivity. If you have diabetes, lupus erythematodes, porphyria or congestive heart disease.

Note: This list is not exhaustive. If you are not sure whether you can use the appliance we advise you to consult a doctor

The Philips  IPL revolutionary technology

No1. Philips number one brand in electric hair removal
IPL technology
IPL: The latest technology in hair removal. IPL is the proven Intense Pulsed Light technology used in professional salons.
Innovative light
Philips Lumea brings this innovative light based hair removal technology for safe and effective use.
Easy and effective way to remove hair
The easy and effective way to remove even the tiniest hairs, that’s so safe you can do it at home.

IPL Lumea is safe because

Reason 1

# 1

The lights is like a camera flash lamp
Reason 2

# 2

Filters are designed to block ineffective colours of light
Reason 3

# 3

Integrated filters prevents skin from heating up
Reason 4

# 4

Integrated sensors control flashing

Why Philips Lumea?


women tested

Philips Lumea has been the subject of clinical testing on more than 2000 women, with proven results.

14 years

of research

Philips Lumea is the result of 14 years of Philips research and is derived from professional IPL technology.


women love Lumea

With more than 1.5 million users worldwide, Lumea is the ideal solution to prevent hair regrowth.

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